What to expect:

An initial consultation lasts for around 90 minutes, where you will tell me about yourself and your symptoms. Homeopathy recognises that good health comes from treating the mind and the body together; equal importance is given to emotional, psychological and physical symptoms. I will ask questions on all areas of your life to match a picture of you to the homeopathic remedy most likely to help.

After the consultation, I will spend time on case analysis and planning a care package which may include general health advise and/or suggestions . Careful consideration will be made to which homeopathic remedy, its potency and dosage is best suited to you. The homeopathic remedy may be one in stock or need to be on special order from one of the homeopathic pharmacies. When your remedy is ready, it will be posted to you complete with instructions on how to take it.

You may notice changes in your symptoms very quickly or it may take a little time. This depends on your level of vitality, how long you have been ill, what medication you have been taking and a host of other factors. Realistic expectations and prognosis will be discussed at your consultation. Most chronic conditions require the minimum of three consultations for measurable results to be observed.

I will arrange a second consultation for a review of your symptoms around 4 – 6 weeks after your first remedy. This consultation will be 30-45 minutes duration.

Between consultations I have a call in time on a Monday between 5.00 – 6.00 pm where questions can be asked and acute situations dealt with free of charge. At other times messages can always be left on my answering service and your call will be returned within 24 hours.

If you require urgent homeopathic help outside normal office hours you may wish to contact the Homeopathic Helpline (09065 34 34 04) ( This services operates from 9.00 am until midnight everyday. Calls to the service are charged at £1.53 per minute, plus network extras.